Emergency Dentist Burlington

Emergency Dental Care and Services in Burlington

It’s happened to all of us — a broken filling right before that important work meeting. A toothache and swelling right before a flight across the Pacific Ocean. The crown on your front tooth falling off the day before that first date.

Regardless of your emergency, One Family Dental is here to help! We are open on most days of the week, including Saturdays and Sundays. Our team will promptly arrange an appointment with our dentists to see you in the first available time slot, sometimes even within the same day. We prioritize your comfort and will work with you to address your concerns as soon as possible.

Rest assured our team is here to support you. If you urgently need to see an emergency dentist or seek advice, call One Family Dental at 905-634-9115 immediately to see how we can help.


Types of Dental Emergencies


Swollen face and/or cheeks


Chipped or broken teeth or crowns




Knocked-out tooth/teeth


Impacted wisdom teeth


Losing a filling or crown


Broken orthodontic brackets or wires


Bleeding and/or pain



What Can I Expect During My Emergency Visit?

Our team will arrange a visit for you to see one of our dentists as soon as possible. We will ask you some basic health/medical questions. Then, our dentist will assess your specific issue, usually with some diagnostic tests (such as testing the nerves inside your tooth with cold ice, or tapping on your tooth), as well as an x-ray of the area. After the exact nature of your issue has been diagnosed, the dentist will review treatment recommendations and options with you, as well as the costs associated before proceeding.

We are happy to send estimates of treatment costs to your insurance company on your behalf before proceeding with any work required.

We strive to ensure every patient leaves with a smile on their face. Do not hesitate to contact One Family Dental today!