Female Dentist in Burlington

Female Dentist in Burlington

Were you looking for a female dentist in Burlington for religious reasons or simply out of personal preference and comfort? With almost 52% of Burlington being female as well as a growing visible minority population, One Family Dental understands the need for a female-friendly family dentist to service the Aldershot neighborhood of Burlington.

Our co-founder of One Family Dental, Dr. Carly Kaminski, is a general dentist registered with the Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario. Dr. Kaminski received her dental degree from Trinity College Dublin (University of Dublin) in Ireland before deciding to settle back in Canada. After seeing how community-oriented and beautiful Burlington is, Dr. Kaminski felt a strong desire to build a family dental practice in the Aldershot neighborhood to serve residents locally.

Dr. Kaminski is committed to providing a gentle, anxiety-free, and comfortable dental experience, especially for women and children. As part of the “one family” concept, Dr. Kaminski believes in accommodating everyone regardless of their background, age, budget, and dental needs. Dr. Kaminski aims to help people overcome their anxiety to see a dentist and get their oral health on track. She aims to demonstrate the qualities people look for in a family dentist: an approachable, professional dentist who listens and is sensitive about your dental concerns while ensuring a comfortable and painless experience.

Female Dentist
Female Dentist

As a female dentist, Dr. Kaminski can address specific questions and concerns affecting many women, including women who are preparing for pregnancy, currently pregnant, and after giving birth. Dr. Kaminski believes that a woman’s dental health should not be compromised with the decision to start a family.

Did you know that pregnancy can cause hormonal changes that increase the risk of dry mouth and developing gingivitis or gum disease, which can affect the health of the baby? There are even some studies which show a link between gum disease and premature birth. Eating habits and oral hygiene (i.e. brushing and flossing) can change during different stages of pregnancy. Being on top of your oral health is crucial to ensure a healthy pregnancy and baby.

Other common concerns some women may have include:

  • Delaying seeing the dentist but are now pregnant, and wondering if cleanings or certain dental treatments that were previously not addressed are still safe
  • Whether taking dental x-rays would be safe during pregnancy
  • Noticing that teeth have become more sensitive than usual during pregnancy
  • Noticing annoying growths developing inside your mouth, which can be due to pregnancy hormones
  • Experiencing vomiting from morning sickness, which can result in teeth being damaged due to stomach acid
  • Being able to resume a hygiene routine after giving birth but have not seen the dentist for some time or are unsure about the current status of your dental health
  • Being able to implement good oral hygiene given new lifestyle/schedule changes

Dr. Kaminski can answer any sensitive questions as well as alleviate any additional concerns you may have about your dental health as part of prenatal care, during pregnancy, and postpartum. Rest assured that any information you share with Dr. Kaminski during your dental appointment is strictly confidential. 

If you have a child who is anxious about seeing the dentist, Dr. Kaminski is experienced working with young children. Whether it is your child’s first dental visit or your child has previous negative feelings of being at the dental office, Dr. Kaminski aims to make dentistry a fun and engaging experience for children. For our more fearful or anxious patients, One Family Dental offers the option for mild sedation (nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas). Laughing gas has a relaxing and pleasurable effect, but is completely reversible after a short amount of time. It is suitable to use even for children because of how safe it is, as there are no serious side effects when properly administered. If you or your child suffer from anxiety in the dental chair, inquire with Dr. Kaminski about using laughing gas to ensure a more comfortable, anxiety-free experience.

Dr. Kaminski can also support those looking for more conservative, minimally invasive treatments and holistic alternatives in dentistry. At One Family Dental, we do not use any mercury amalgam or metal fillings, but rather composite fillings which do not contain any Bisphenol A (BPA). One Family Dental also offers porcelain or zirconia crowns and bridges which are also considered holistic and are a biocompatible solution. To determine if a specific treatment is appropriate for you or if a holistic approach can be considered as part of your dental care plan, ask to speak with Dr. Kaminski. 

One Family Dental welcomes all new patients, and can accommodate those who prefer to work exclusively with a female dental practitioner. If you are looking for female-friendly dentistry in Burlington, make One Family Dental your top choice today! Ask to book your next dental appointment with Dr. Carly Kaminski by calling our office at 905-634-9115, completing our submission form below, or emailing info@onefamilydental.ca. We look forward to hearing from you!

Female Dentist