Advanced Technologies

Advanced Technologies at One Family Dental


Digital X-Rays

At One Family Dental, we understand that patients can get concerned about radiation when x-rays are taken for dental examinations. We use modern digital x-ray devices that emit very low levels of radiation exposure without compromising on the image quality needed to check teeth. Paired with modern digital films, this combination allows us to see exactly what we need to — using many times less radiation as the old paper x-rays.


Digital Panoramic X-Rays

One Family Dental uses a digital panoramic x-ray machine to get a broad view of the mouth, as well as the surrounding jaw bones and sinuses. This allows us to see a wide range of dental issues, as well as the overall health of the gums, and even allows us to detect fractures from facial injuries!

_Our Technology - Digital Charting

Digital Charting

As a modern clinic, One Family Dental is using a digital charting software to document all our patient notes, and accompanying photos and x-rays. We will always try to communicate visually to our patients the exact nature of their dental issues, as well as clearly demonstrate procedures, and alternatives. We will always securely retain your records, so rest assured, the office will have never “misplaced your file”!

Intra-Oral Scanner

Our office uses digital scanning and 3D rendering to provide our patients with the most up-to-date, accurate, well-fitting, and aesthetic dental care. Our digital scanner is used to take exact 3D renders of your teeth, and can be sent to our laboratories for perfect fitting crowns, bridges, implant pieces, and other appliances. We can also make custom-fit whitening trays for our patients.

Were you one of those people that needed a night guard, sport guard, or denture, but hated taking the slimy impressions? One Family Dental has you covered. As our clinic has a strong focus on comfort, we can entirely bypass this step by using the intra-oral scanner. No gag, no discomfort, no pain.

Interested in all the technologies we have to offer to make your dental experience safe, effective, and convenient? Ask our dentists for more information when you book with One Family Dental.