Sedation Dentistry in Burlington

Sedation Dentistry in Burlington

Do you or your child feel fearful or anxious about seeing the dentist? Maybe it is your first time at the dental office, you heard some scary stories about certain procedures done by a dentist, or you had some negative experiences when seeing the dentist in the past.

Perhaps you are scheduled for dental treatment like a tooth extraction, filling, root canal, or implant. Does it seem like a lengthy time to be sitting in the same position on a dental chair? Are you worried that the procedure will be complicated, overwhelming, and potentially painful or uncomfortable?

Are you the type of person to just enjoy maximum comfort while being in the dental chair? You may simply want your dental procedure to be over without thinking about the time, the environment around you, or any pain/discomfort you may experience during your visit.

If the answer is yes to one or more of the above questions, you may benefit from sedation dentistry.


Benefits of Sedation Dentistry

One Family Dental believes in offering our patients a comfortable, painless, and anxiety-free dental experience. As a result, our dentists are trained and licensed to safely administer mild sedation to keep patients relaxed during a dental procedure. If you wish to add sedation dentistry to your next dental visit, or have any questions and concerns about how it works, ask to speak with Dr. Lee or Dr. Kaminski at any time.

Mild Sedation Dentistry

Mild sedation comes in two forms:

Inhalation (Gas)

Nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas, is a safe and effective method with no serious side effects when properly administered. Laughing gas is colourless and odourless. Once administered, it gives off a relaxing and pleasurable effect. These effects wear off after a short amount of time. Because of its safety, laughing gas is even suitable to be used for children who are anxious during dental visits.


Oral (Medication)

A prescription pill or tablet to be taken about an hour before your scheduled dental appointment. By the time of arrival at the dental office, the relaxing effects of sedation will kick in. This process is simple and easy without the use of gas or IV injections.

We believe that taking care of your dental health should be a stress-free experience. Contact One Family Dental today to inquire about adding sedation dentistry for your next dental appointment. Call us at 905-634-9115 or email to book.