In Burlington, you get a balance of family living and urban excitement. In this city, you will experience a community feel, have access to shopping, and dining, and experience both nature and a feel of city life. Burlington offers a great culture and a bit of everything. On some rankings of best cities to live in Canada, Burlington ranked number one in 2022! There are a lot of reasons to love Burlington. Let your access to reliable and trusted healthcare be part of that list.

When choosing a dentist, many people are nervous about the whole process and end up going with the dentist that is closest to their home. When seeking out a dentist for your family it is understandably a large task that can impact your quality of living in Burlington. If you need a few ideas on how to choose the best dentist for you and your family refer to these tips below: 

1.)   Location 

We mentioned sometimes people will choose a dentist that is in very close proximity to them, but that may not always be the best choice. You probably have a few memories to back that up. However, location and proximity are important. You want the experience to be convenient enough that you are likely to come back for regular cleanings and check-ups. In the chance, you have a dental emergency you want your family dentist to be close enough to get you through the situation. 

Think about how far you are willing to drive and what that means in terms of time. If you are willing to drive ten minutes or fifteen minutes that opens you up to a lot more options than you would have had if you were only open to driving or walking five minutes to your dentist.

2.)   Procedures offered 

All dentists do not offer the same procedures. Dentists vary in their specializations. If you’ve already had some major dental work done and you know you may need work done in the future, it is worth keeping that in mind when establishing a dental home. The fundamental thing you want from your family dentist is for them to offer basic services. If you can manage to find a dentist within an area that you’re willing to travel to you have a viable option. You can be in an even better position if they offer specialized services at their location.

3.)   Finances

Although dentists go by a fixed pricing chart, you’ll want to do some research and find out if the dentist you’re considering takes your insurance and if they can bill from their office. Some dental offices offer more affordable services, and if you need that, you may want to consider finding dental offices that offer reduced rates. If you are willing to spend more on your teeth, then you may want to consider dental offices that offer specializations that can enhance your teeth to a new level. The most important thing here is that your needs and wants are being met.

4.)   Experience

You can find out how long the dentistry you’re considering has been established. Now the longevity of practice isn’t everything, but it can give you some insight into patient loyalty and why patients keep coming back. However, nowadays you can do a quick search to find reviews. You can decide if the online reviews are aligned with what you want out of your dentistry. Now take reviews with a grain of salt! 

When you are considering experience, you are likely considering the qualifications of the dentist. You can always call and ask if the dentist you are considering has the qualifications you want out of your healthcare professional, though is it not common to call, it can occur.

5.)    Comfort level

You want to build a relationship with your dentist, like the one you have with your family doctor. If you’d like to can set up an initial appointment and get a feel of the relationships and communication style you will have with your dentist. You can take this time to see if their experience has given them the ability to speak to you in a way that makes sense and puts your mind at ease. You’ll especially want to have a certain comfort level with your dentist to talk about issues that may make you a high-risk patient. You want to establish a relationship with a dentist so that you’re comfortable talking about your smoking habits, being diabetic, if you are pregnant if you have plaque build-up, or more.

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